What do Computers and Horses have in Common?

Absolutely nothing!  Which was exactly the idea when Chris came to visit Melinda at Equus Insight.  Get Away.  Yes, this will do!


Just the natural surroundings and the cold temperatures were enough to shock the system of a ‘mouse potato’ like Chris.  Then, put a halter in her hands … a what? … and she knows she’s gone thru the rabbit hole into a different dimension.

What in the world am I supposed to do with this? Is Buttercup laughing at me?


It’s not about ‘showing them who’s boss’ – it’s about building trust.  Now, that’s a lesson for all aspects of relationships! 

If only I could get my computer to trust me!

Chris Guld

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One Response to What do Computers and Horses have in Common?

  1. Anya and Tom says:

    Actually, computers and horses have several things in common:

    1) Garbage in, Garbage Out. Quality in, Quality Out.
    2) If you are in Tune with your Horse or your Computer, they’ll give you Plenty of Warning before a Crash.
    3) If you get totally Wasted, both your Trusty Horse and Night Rider’s Computer Kitt can get you Home :) .

    There’s a Sam Savitt’s True Horse Stories story on this last theme. A doctor, back in the days of house calls, would ride his mare to the patient at all hours of the day or night, so when he was finished and tired, he’d lower his hat over his eyes, close up his trench coat, and go promptly to sleep, trusting his mare to never make a jerking motion and wake him up before she got to her barn. One particularly stormy night, a Polish woman went into labor, and the doctor galloped out just in time to deliver twins. After spending some time making sure that mother and babies were alright, the exhausted doctor knew he’d better head home. The rain was still coming down when he emerged from their house, so he lowered his hat even further, tightened his coat with collar up, and fell immediately to sleep to catch up on what he’d just lost. Next thing he knew, his trusty mare, as always, had stopped in front of her barn, but as he opened his eyes, he saw the whites of the eyes of his stable hand, running toward them. Asking what was the matter, his stable hand asked him how on earth he got home? We’d have gone such-a-way, then over the river at that-ta bridge … “But Doctor, that bridge washed out _hours_ ago!” Next morning, the two of them went back to the river, and sure enough, the bridge was washed out … except for one lonely, continuous beam. Scrambling across by foot, they traced the mare’s steps … without waking her Doctor, she had walked both up and down the river bank, searching for another way across. Finally, she took her only option home … tight-roping herself along that beam, in the rain, without ever awakening her precious payload.

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