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What do Computers and Horses have in Common?

Absolutely nothing!  Which was exactly the idea when Chris came to visit Melinda at Equus Insight.  Get Away.  Yes, this will do!


Just the natural surroundings and the cold temperatures were enough to shock the system of a ‘mouse potato’ like Chris.  Then, put a halter in her hands … a what? … and she knows she’s gone thru the rabbit hole into a different dimension.

What in the world am I supposed to do with this? Is Buttercup laughing at me?


It’s not about ‘showing them who’s boss’ – it’s about building trust.  Now, that’s a lesson for all aspects of relationships! 

If only I could get my computer to trust me!

Chris Guld

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For more information, to visit our facility, or to book a program or workshop please contact Melinda Blackwell at:

We look forward to showing you our facility and creating an enriching learning experience for your group.


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EQuus Insight

Equine Guided Learning for Leadership, Communication, Compassion, and Wisdom

“Horses embody instinct, power, and grace.  They inspire our dreams and awaken creativity.  Interactions with horse empathy and wisdom bring us closer tor instinctual and authentic self.” – Jackie Lowe Stevenson

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“In very subtle ways horses have always been there to push us in the right direction particularly when we took the time to listen to and heed their clues.”

ThomasMcCormick M.D.

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