Why Horses?


Animals, especially horses, are often the best teachers. They offer lessons in patience, resilience, confidence, communication, and perseverance. 


Motivate your group to participate in professional or personal development by offering them a fun, challenging, and meaningful fresh-air experience outside of the traditional Board Room or Classroom.

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Horses can be difficult, stubborn, playful, or helpful.  What works with one may not with another.  In other words, they are just like our colleagues, students, associates, and friends.  Horses are very quick to place us in their herd — Is it safe to follow us?  Can we be trusted?  Do we deserve respect?  They give us continual feedback and offer opportunities to practice new behaviors in a non-judgmental environment.


Although horses are EQuus Insight’s primary teachers, we also have alpaca, dogs, and cats (as well as critters from the natural environment) that often have lessons to offer. We believe that through the process of building relationships with animals and the natural environment, an individual and/or team can improve upon important Life Skills; humans soon begin to learn how they can apply new ways of thinking and acting to situations at work, school, and/or home.





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