EQ Insight was founded by Melinda Blackwell in 2009
to train modern leaders and teach teamwork in a
dynamic world driven by a culture of technology.

Why Horses Are Ideal Teachers

A New Kind Of Employee
Modern workers are less likely to respond to authoritarian methods of leadership that reward with salary increases and punish with disciplinary methods. Instead, this generation of younger workers respond to feeling valued, being mentored, and being given meaningful projects.  Horse-led training can help current and future leaders learn how to demonstrate the authenticity needed to motivate and lead in today’s work place.

Things Change Quickly
In a world where technology can turn an industry on its head overnight, modern leaders need to be able to quickly assess a situation, make decisions, and change the course of their team. In horse-led training, participants are working with a large animal outdoors where anything can happen. It’s up to leaders to quickly adjust their behavior to accomplish tasks.

We’re All Part Of The Herd
From the smallest local business to the largest corporation, technology has made the world smaller. We’re all part of a global community where everyone has to learn to work together. Horse-led trainings teach participants how to work not just with different horses of different temperaments, but also with their diverse human “herd” members.

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